Analog IC Design and Development

From the first step to a product development, Steady Design offers services such as design consultation, engineering shuttle services, assembly, test and test program development. Our goal is to provide our clients with a total solution for cost and time effective analog IC design and development.

Development Results

CmosImageSensor ICCustom IC Design and Development

We support custom IC design with years of experience

Examples Applications Processes
LED Driver IC Constant Current Driver
PWM, Temperature monitor
TSMC 0.5um 5V
TSMC 0.5um 40V
SMIC 0.35um 3.3/5V
MXIC 0.5um BCD
Opto Device Photo Coupler
Photo Interupter
Photo Encoder
MXIC 0.5um 5V
Sensor Amplifier IC Amplifier for medical appliances TSMC 0.5um 5V
Image Sensor IC Surveillance camera
Motion sensor
Projector display
TowerJazz 0.18um SL
MEMS Driver IC DCDC, MEMS Driver
Printer Driver, Motor Driver
TSMC 0.5u 40V
RF-IC315/434 FSK Sending and Receiving
(Super-low current consumption)
0.5um, 0.35um, 0.18um
Power supply IC USB Power supply controller
PC Power supply controller
TSMC 0.5u 40V
UMC 0.35um 40V CDMOS

Our Features

1.We have strong design ability for analog IC and RFIC
With years of experience in analog IC design and development, our engineers are proud to provide their services.
2.We Also Support Mass Production
Starting from specification and layout design, we support IC product development all the way to mass production.
3.A variety of Wafer Processes
We offer many different types of processes from fabs such as TSMC and UMCJ and many other fabs around the globe.